Barcelona 2 stars hotels offers access to over 73 2 Star hotels in Barcelona. We have a wide range of hotels in Barcelona - from budget, business, tourist to luxury accommodation in all Barcelona. With lowest rate guarantee for all Barcelona 2 Star hotels, your money will be well spent on every minutes of your stay in Barcelona, Spain.

Top 2 hotels in Barcelona

1. Hostal Delfos
Hostal Delfos

Location: Barcelona

Hostal Delfos 2 Star

from $78.43 Avg/Night

Ronda De Sant Antoni, 61 Barcelona

2. Parallel

Location: Barcelona

Parallel 2 Star

from $203.69 Avg/Night

Poeta Cabanyes 5-7 Barcelona

3. Suites Marina
Suites Marina

Location: Barcelona

Suites Marina 2 Star

from $125.79 Avg/Night

Calle Marina, 306 Barcelona

4. Hotel Medium Prisma
Hotel Medium Prisma

Location: Barcelona

Hotel Medium Prisma 2 Star

from $60.90 Avg/Night

Av. Josep Tarradellas 119-121 Barcelona

5. Absolut

Location: Barcelona

Absolut 2 Star

from $79.06 Avg/Night

Calle De Casanova, De 72 Barcelona

6. Hostal Alogar
Hostal Alogar

Location: Barcelona

Hostal Alogar 2 Star

from $59.00 Avg/Night

Carrer de Laforja, 98 Barcelona

7. Husa Oriente Ramblas
Husa Oriente Ramblas

Location: Barcelona

Husa Oriente Ramblas 2 Star

from $ Avg/Night

Ramblas 45 Barcelona

8. Barna Hostal
Barna Hostal

Location: Barcelona

Barna Hostal 2 Star

from $105.60 Avg/Night

Rambla De Catalunya, 102 Barcelona

9. Hostal Martinval
Hostal Martinval

Location: Barcelona

Hostal Martinval 2 Star

from $91.88 Avg/Night

Calle Bruc 117 Barcelona

10. Oasis

Location: Barcelona

Oasis 2 Star

from $61.27 Avg/Night

Pla Del Palau, Del 17 Barcelona

11. Hostal Sun And Moon
Hostal Sun And Moon

Location: Barcelona

Hostal Sun And Moon 2 Star

from $123.59 Avg/Night

Calle Ferran 17 Barcelona

12. Apartment Super Tetuan
Apartment Super Tetuan

Location: Barcelona

Apartment Super Tetuan 2 Star

from $84.91 Avg/Night

Plaça de Tetuan, 21 Barcelona

13. Acta Antibes
Acta Antibes

Location: Barcelona

Acta Antibes 2 Star

from $64.52 Avg/Night

Calle Diputación, 394 Barcelona

14. Violeta Hostel
Violeta Hostel

Location: Barcelona

Violeta Hostel 2 Star

from $73.30 Avg/Night

Carrer de Girona, 39 Barcelona

15. City Center Studio
City Center Studio

Location: Barcelona

City Center Studio 2 Star

from $105.33 Avg/Night

Jovellanos 7 Barcelona

16. Hotel Curious
Hotel Curious

Location: Barcelona

Hotel Curious 2 Star

from $255.38 Avg/Night

C/ Carme, 25 Barcelona

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